• Every racer is bound to know and obey all the rules -  general rules and series rules. By registering into the series, you are considered as you agree with all the rules and you´re going to obey them. Unfamiliarity is not a point of excuse! If there is anything unclear, please use our FORUM to ask a questions.
  • Max Power League is using rFactor 1.255 simulation. Max Power League is not responsible for using ilegal copies of the simulator, buying a license is strongly recommended.
  • All the basic principles of behavior are derived from real racing.
  • Before you join the server, please turn off all the programmes, that are slowing down your computer or connection with server (ICQ, Skype....)
  • Every racer is bound to respect admins and the other drivers as well. Fair Play rules are ones to watch there, so please stick with them. Rude behaviour on the servers or on the website, ilegal modification of game and its components, mods, can lead to immediate ban without any refund of your registration fee.
  • Series schedules and raceday schedules are fixed and are published in the series section.
  • If you know that you are going to drop a round, please let us know in the FORUM.
  • You have to use your REAL NAME on our servers.
  • If you find any problems with your internet connection while racing (lagging and others), it is polite to leave the server in the interest of other drivers safety.
  • Please respect the track limits, going knowingly beyond the white line with all four wheels is forbidden, going two wheels off the race course/white line (on the left or right side of the vehicle) is permitted. Same is for PIT EXIT line, in this case, it is forbidden to go over the line with any of your four wheels.
  • As mentioned before, clean and fair play racing is recommended, do not go for a space if it isnt there, do not close the doors if its too late and use your mirrors. If youre blue flagged, let the faster drivers past safely.
  • Its forbidden to chat during the qualifying or race.
  • After the checquered flag, you have to do the inlap and park your car in the garage or in your pit lane stand. Carshing and bouncing both Armco and the other drivers is strictly forbidden.
  • First three placed racers in the race are due to send the press release (to Admin of the series), after 24 hours from the finish of the race.
  • Two disqualifications from the race (ilegal modding, rude behaviour, frequent hazardous driving, frequent non-respecting track limits) will lead to ban from the league without any refund of your registration fee.
  • Every racer have right to report a protest. There is a place for protests on our FORUM. Please provide the important informations as : race, lap, corner, involved drivers. Situation will be then investigated by the admins.
  • Any offence in the race or quali can be penalized and racer have to accept this penalisation.


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